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Challenge #2 for LOS Competition on Scraps of Us

May 24, 2009

This is my recent entry for Challenge #2 on the LOS Competition on Scraps of Us site.

We were all given the same photo to scrap however we wanted. I found this branch file in amongst my collection, here is the link to the BRANCH, now the birdie was kinda cool doing it, I had a generic bird shape, but no wings, so I used this BIRD SHAPE and this **WATER DROPLET as the wings, (**note – use the water droplet as the wing shape but make sure you select BLACKOUT in the properties or you will not get the full solid wing shape) and of course I had to redo the svgs I had, because they all went in the opposite direction to what I wanted, so for anyone that wants it in the opposite direction, here is the BIRD and WATER DROPLET that you will be wanting, oh!!! and the BRANCH! Gosh I hope that made sense!

Anyhooo, I made it through this round, am off to start on Challenge #3 this week woohooo 🙂

Until next time, take care & enjoy life 🙂 Cheers Kris