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LOS Challenge #3 Entry for Scraps of Us

May 28, 2009

Well, OMG how lucky was I this time, the challenge was to use at least 3 colours from a pic that was supplied (I chose Pink, Blue & Lime Green) and we had to include 1 handmade tree, 1 handmade bird, and 3 handmade flowers, all I can say is yeeehaaaaaaaaaa Paper Piecing Heaven 🙂

So here is my entry that was submitted for this current Round, crossing my fingers now for a week or so lol lol

Now for my svg loving friends, the svg’s for the paper doll are available for purchase only from MYSCRAPCHICK. Her files rock!!!! but don’t despair, there are some for the other bits n pieces on the page lol such as the TREE, the BIRD (made from the bird svg in BLACKOUT function & 2 love hearts which you can just get from your shapes, I made them a bit squished for this project), and the LEAVES for the tree (which I make in 2 different colours & different sizes) adds a bit of variety to your tree lol

🙂 Enjoy and happy crafting my friends xo Kris


Challenge #2 for LOS Competition on Scraps of Us

May 24, 2009

This is my recent entry for Challenge #2 on the LOS Competition on Scraps of Us site.

We were all given the same photo to scrap however we wanted. I found this branch file in amongst my collection, here is the link to the BRANCH, now the birdie was kinda cool doing it, I had a generic bird shape, but no wings, so I used this BIRD SHAPE and this **WATER DROPLET as the wings, (**note – use the water droplet as the wing shape but make sure you select BLACKOUT in the properties or you will not get the full solid wing shape) and of course I had to redo the svgs I had, because they all went in the opposite direction to what I wanted, so for anyone that wants it in the opposite direction, here is the BIRD and WATER DROPLET that you will be wanting, oh!!! and the BRANCH! Gosh I hope that made sense!

Anyhooo, I made it through this round, am off to start on Challenge #3 this week woohooo 🙂

Until next time, take care & enjoy life 🙂 Cheers Kris

Our spur of the moment Cyber Crop at Scraps of Us

February 1, 2009

Well Saturday evening was a blast, Tina and I decided we’d have a 2 layout deadline for the evening, and what the heck, chatter away while we worked, so by 2.30 am I finally had 2 layouts done.

The first one is ‘PRECIOUS’ Amy when she was a mere 15 minutes or so old

These are some of the files that I used in this layout, Elephant, Precious and Hearts Border.

Click on the words to get the svg files for them.

Okies Layout Number 2….suitably titled “Princess Diva” is all about Miss Ellen on xmas Day moments before she lapsed into a Diva Tirade, it was just precious NOT!!!!!

I have used a Princess Diva Border, basic circles, brackets, photo corner and the bird files on this layout.

Once again, click on the words to get the svg files for these cutting files. I hope you can use them and they make your scrapping day a little brighter 🙂 Thanks for looking….Feel free to leave a comment….Cheers Kris 🙂

Some new pics I found this week… files for you :) Enjoy

January 30, 2009

Okies so here are the links to the SVGS that you can use in SCAL ….. Enjoy Cheers Kris 🙂