Oh What a Day it’s been…..

Firstly…..A very big huge Happy Birthday to my gorgeous girl Ellie 🙂 6 today!!! Wahoo!

Anyway…. somedays we mums just feel like tortured old souls, slaves, cooks, washerwomen, chauffeurs, cleaners, you name it, I’m quite certain that I’ve felt it. So normally on our kid’s birthdays (as we have such a large family) we generally don’t do birthday parties as such, we stick to just the family, inlaws, outlaws, etc etc.

This morning I started at 6am with a quick trip to the local IGA to grab some lunchbags for tuckshop (Pay day treat for the kids), and a pack of candles to send off to school with Ellen’s cake to share with her class! Came home, iced said cake, packaged it all up, got the troops ready, delivered the 3 youngsters to school, took Miss Amy & Miss Rach for a treat at Macca’s (OMG) on the way to dropping Rach at High School, so whilst sitting there enjoying an absolutely fabulous cappucino yummmmmmy I decided, what the heck, lash out and have a bit of fun today for Miss Ellen and see what becomes of it….so off to do the grocery shopping, aka mad chaotic dash thru Woolies, picked up quite a few (out of the ordinary for us) treats along the way, grabbed what I needed to make a nice salad & bbq dinner for the family as the inlaws just got home from holidays yesterday (bit of a surprise!!!)

Well my day of fun had just begun….baked another cake (thankya Betty lol), we put a tonne of her frosting on it too yummmo & a cute Dora Icing topper that we found at the supermarket… put up a hundred and one streamers out on the patio, a great big ole birthday banner, made some potato salad, coleslaw, truckload of salad, chilli lamb-burgers, hot oven fries for the kids and blew up a zillion balloons OMG now I know why I hate balloons… anyway this went on for the entire day, closed all the house up, pulled the curtains across the back doorway and set off to pic the kids up (how fast did that school day go??)

Ellie was first to the car going “omg Mummy I’ve had the bestest birthday today with my friends and one of my friends gave me a present, I’m so excited” lol she so cute this kid, we get home and I asked her, “so what did your little friend give you?” she says to me “I don’t know, I was so excited I haven’t opened it yet!” lol

Anyway, said pressie was a gorgeous Fairy Barbie Doll (she is soooooo in love now)…Big Thankyou to Tom & his folks for their thoughtfulness and kindness to Ellen! On to the next big act of the day…..I asked Ellen to go out the back and get something for me….welllllllll the curtain gets pulled across and all I hear is


This girl was so damn excited and thrilled to bits, she couldn’t remember how to open the sliding door lmao. I was nearly flat on my back on the floor with laughter and delight!

Well anyway, the afternoon and evening turned into a great event, and the biggest and best thing ever happened…..

….right when my tired little possum walked up and grabbed me in a big ole bear hug and said

“Mummy I love you sooooooooo much, thankyou for making this bootiful party for ME, you are the bestest Mummy ever!”

And then I just melted!

I’m so utterly worn out and exhausted, but this little gem of a girl just made my entire day so worth the effort! I love her sooooooo much! xo

Hope you have all had a fabulous day 🙂

One Response to “Oh What a Day it’s been…..”

  1. Tina Says:

    Happy Birthday gorgeous Ellie !!! Such a lovley story and its moment like these that you need every now and then to recharge the batteries !!
    Well done chick you are the best mum ever !!!
    Now go and put ya feet up !!!

    xoxoxo Tina

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