Another weekend ………gone before you can blink :(

Well normally I love my weekends, but this one, I could have happily have lived without. Woke up Saturday morning with a run to the loo, hand over mouth, at a frantic pace! (And nooooo for all you smart bottoms thinking pregnant!! Not a chance!!!) Managed to contract some gross lil bug for 24 hours, made for a great day as Marty, myself and the kids were supposed to be attending his Cricket Breakup down in Brissy, I managed to stay for about half an hour, then drove all the way home….slept for a couple of hours then bam! sick again, so set off for a marathon drive to the city to pick him and the kids up, hoping to get home before the sick bug struck again, but fortunately it seemed to have simmered somewhat and I spent the entire evening sound asleep. Woke this morning feeling a whole lot better, excepting a few sore ribs from all the vomiting and a sore back, but thems the breaks and it sure beats spending another day vomiting 😦

Fathers’ Day today, managed to eventually cook up some Bacon & Eggs for the troops to enjoy out on the back patio in the glorious morning sun. The kids showered Dad with all their sweet lil gifts that they made & bought at school and a couple of exciting things from mum like a new shaver (hmm good for the legs too eh lol) and a Jim Beam Money box stuffed with fudge (revolting stuff) but he loved the JB money box part lol as I knew he would.

Had my Mum & Dad swing by for a visit, they’ve just gotten home earlier this week from a trip to Melbourne (said it was blardy freeeeeeezing) they took the RV down to attend my younger Brother’s wedding, bought me home a CD of piccies (wooohooo gotta be happy with that). My eldest son Josh, was unfortunately involved in a vehicle crash this week, thank God he is okay, and somehow managed to make it out without a single mark/cut/scratch on him! Don’t ask me how, the kid’s car ended up literally “up a pole” vertical!!! Bloody 4wD cleaned him up from behind…just no excuse for that … once again a valid reason why 4WD’s shouldn’t be on our damn roads!!!

Anyhoo, on a happier note, decided to tackle Brigitte’s gorgeous Sketch Challenge on ScrapWithV for September, needed something constructive to do and well that was the first thing I saw when I jumped onto my lappy.

This is the sketch….

And this is what I came up with…

One Response to “Another weekend ………gone before you can blink :(”

  1. Shazza Says:

    Hi Kris,

    I came across your site whilst blogg hopping….as you do!!

    I love it ….I love it!

    Some great works of art here! If you love to do challenges, I run two challenge sites, and would love to get a piece of your art work to showcase…. so,

    If you're bored lol…… and looking for a challenge with a twist, why dont you try one of my challenges at either ARTastic =
    From Screen 2 Scrap =
    I would love to see you participate and have a go!!


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