What a great day at the beach yesterday…..TIME TO RELAX!!!

Now back to reality, it’s MONDAY arghhhhhhhhhh….. well I have this gorgeous pic of my lovely eldest daughter Rach and I’ve been trying to find something to work with it all day… have been at the shop and probably driven Robyn quite insane by now (sorry Robyn) lol….

anyhoo, I wombled on home and sat here for a while looking through some photos when I had a brain explosion (aka brainfart lol)hehehe

A little while back, I entered a competition and had to do a layout with a photo that was provided to us all, I ended up doing a gorgeous layout for it…. but at the end of the day I was left with a gorgeous page with a photo that meant diddly squat to me, so I figured it’s a shame to use such gorgeous & might I say costly scrappy supplies….sooooo I renovated it 🙂

Yup that’s right….. bring on the removalists and move on in lovely new photo of Miss Rach enjoying a quiet moment of relaxation at the beach yesterday….

So now I have a lovely page, with a gorgeous pic of my big baby girl, and I can sleep well tonight lmao.

Now off to do some proper scrapping me thinks lol….now if I can just find my scrappy friend Tina…

Hope you all had a great day 🙂 Enjoy xo Kris

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