Sweet Sweet Saturday :)

Thank goodness for weekends! What a week, this lil black ducky is just plain & simply exhausted! Had such a huge busy busy w/end last weekend so this weekend I am just staying home and losing myself in my lil ole scrappy room. Haven’t had a chance to sort/clean anything out since having all my prized possessions hurled into my new little piece of heaven (gotta love men eh?) grrrr

So have made myself slowly troll through it all in the last couple of days, talk about treasures! Wahooo, it’s sooo unbelievable the things we buy because we just “have to have them” and then they disappear into the stash never to be seen until the next time we clean and cull lmao.

So I took a little ole trip over to Bunnings and bought some storage containers & a groovy lil shelf that I’ve now got all my bling & pearls hanging off OMG I love BLING 🙂 makes me sooooo happy!

My daughter is off to a surprise birthday party for her friend this afternoon, and being the slack mother that I am, haven’t managed to get near the shops to organise cards or gifts so have made a quickie birthday card this morning for her….

Did this layout recently for ScrapwithV’s Cybercrop Sketch Challenge and I won, wow you could have blown me down lol. Thanks for the votes ladies 🙂 These would have to be some of my favourite photos of Miss Keely, she’s one of these kids that always is pulling ridiculous faces when she sees a camera so Mumma snuck in some shots without her noticing hehehe

Bliss ….. is definately enjoying a yummy milkshake at Nanny’s house …. for this lil girl anyway lol.

Hope you all have a great weekend….I’m off to finish cleaning up this room so that I can get back to scrapping.

Take care & have fun 🙂 xo Kris

2 Responses to “Sweet Sweet Saturday :)”

  1. Shirl Says:

    OMG Kris I just adore this lo. Love it 10 outta 10! Card is super cute too! Loving all your work girl! loving it! xo S

  2. skrapkat Says:

    WOW girl, this layout is just gorgeous…love those colours too and the pics!

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