Lazy Sunday afternoon :)

Well I’m having an incredibly lazzzzzzy day today, enjoying the Sunshine and doing a whole lot of not much else 🙂 Why not eh?

I took these fab photo’s of Miss K yesterday, she’s been popping on these rotten little rollerblades everyday for about the last 2 months and banging around the back patio.

She got adventurous yesterday and cut loose out on the roadway in front of our house, so just had to scrap them, kept the page incredibly simple lol. Couple of svg’s to share also Rule #1 and Play Hard

Enjoy your day, thanks for looking 🙂 Cheers Kris

3 Responses to “Lazy Sunday afternoon :)”

  1. Tina Says:

    Fabolous Lo chick !! Love the title !! xoxo tina

  2. Carly Says:

    Hey lady! great LO! I've left you a little something over on my blog!! ❤ Carly

  3. Shirl Says:

    Great title and adore the simpliciity of the lo. Very effective! Well done Kris. xo S

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