Been absent for a lil while….. where have I been, what have I been doing?

Hey there folks πŸ™‚

Well I have been missing in action from my blog for a little while….. I’ve been a bit ill lately with a rotten old tooth ache 😦 oh god I hate toothache…. dragged the 5 monsters out with me on Wednesday to do a bit of grocery shopping cos quite frankly the cupboards were bare folks and that’s not a great thing when the monsters are on school holidays cos these guys can eat you out of house and home within hours when they’re bored bored bored!

Decided after that debacle that we’d splurge and have Chinese takeaway for dinner that night, yum yum yum, but within minutes of finishing dinner, I came over feeling incredibly ill, and thought oh boy, don’t tell me something in there was bad!!! Nope, the nerve in my tooth decided to flare up and just about send me through the roof, so with tears in my eyes, and hot packs and cold packs doing nudda thing, a zillion panadeine, nurofen you name it, I phone my favourite Dentist (favourite=never hurts) lol and he told me to come on in on Thursday morning at 8.30 and he’d fix it up……well here I sit now … minus 1 dreadful Wisdom Tooth **Who the heck knows why they are called that, nothing Wise has come from it so far**

4 days later, still have a very sore and tender gum BUT nooooooo more pain woohooo!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday bought to town the local show…. yup Carnie Time!

Anyhooo we took the kids up to the show for a couple of hours on Friday night, they had a ride or 2 each and a crappy show bag each (with bribes from M&D that we’d get a better one at the Brissie Ekka next month hehehe) waited around for the fireworks, they were great, a bit windy at the showgrounds so they were kinda flying straight out towards the bay lol. Dropped Daddy and kids off at home and scooted off to the LSS Crop Night yeehaaa, nice n warm there too!

My gorgeous friend Shirl was there and we got to catch up after a couple of weeks, she gave me this fantastic RAK **Thankya Shirl** and a fabulous Tilda Card she has made OMG how much do I love these cards?!!!!

Did a bit of online shopping here on Thursday after my evil tooth experience of the morning, figured a bit of retail therapy might just be in order to ease my pain LMAO

Couldn’t control myself *again* and did a spot of investigating into Digital Stamping, must say it’s very hard to find them but I did manage to find some, and stumbled across these and bought a set, had a play with this evil monkey character lol he cracks me up, and made a card up with him for my lovely friend (shhhh secret).

Monday today and guess what arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG yes a bag full of heaven sent goodies woohooooooooooooooo

2 Tilda’s, a Tilda Background and some gorgeous Twinkling H2O’s omg gonna be a fun fun fun nite tonight πŸ™‚

So in keeping with my *retail therapy* kinda theme lol I trotted off to the local shops and bought some gorgeous new Watercolour Pencils and Pad mmmmm heaven and have started playing with my new toys πŸ™‚ Ahhhhh BLISS!

Catch you all again soon xo Kris

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