Happy 8th Birthday to my gorgeous Girl….. Keely Allyson :)

Well today is the 8th Birthday of one of my sweet little girls…. Miss Keely Allyson! We’ve had a great day so far, Keely has enjoyed opening up her pressies, we bought her a new Playstation Game, Tamagotchi (yet another) & a new pair of spunky black long pants omg she loves them! Oh and how could I possibly forget??? I made her a gorgeous card for the occasion, yes folks, that’s right, I actually finally made a card that was able to be given lmao, now that’s a first eh!

Her Nan & Grandpa are away exploring this beautiful Country of ours again, currently in Northern Territory having a ball, but they snuck a little surprise into the house for Keely before they left a few weeks ago. Can’t believe the lil toffee nose didn’t spot it hiding away in my closet lol (this kid is a great snoop…usually) So what’s in the enormous box? A lovely new pair of trackie pants and matching hoody top Oh Gosh, this girl is over the moon with excitement today lol.

So….I let her stay home today and enjoy her goodies cos quite frankly, who wants to go to school and leave all their new treasures behind? We had some pizza, then Mummy had to get the dreaded Mixmaster out of hiding and whip up a quick treat for tonight with the family. We had a little bit of help from Betty Crocker again lol lol lol. So we are having a delightful Chocolate Swirl cake covered in a whole lotta heavenly chocolate frosting with oodles of smarties on top and some gorgeous little candy fairies that I managed to find recently on one of my shopping trips.

So here is a little collage of Keely’s day so far…..

I had a lesson on making one of these cards yesterday out at Discover Scrapbooking, thoroughly loved this one, so came home and whipped up a pink one with cupcakes for Miss Keely’s birthday last night, I used Pink CS, DCWV Sweets Paper Range, Ribbon, various stamps, Versa Inks. She loved it!!! yay

3 Responses to “Happy 8th Birthday to my gorgeous Girl….. Keely Allyson :)”

  1. Martina Reynolds Says:

    Happy Birthday gorgeous Keely !! Sound like you've had a great day !! Your mums good isnt she, doing cakes and cards and all kinds of things ! ๐Ÿ™‚ Wow kris loving that card u clever thing ! Hope you get to put your feet up tonight and relax…. maybe even say hello to me on the chat lol ๐Ÿ™‚ Im there right now xxx Tina

  2. Kim Piggott Says:

    Oh Happy Birthday Keely!!!
    What a fabulous day she had and those wonderful pressies!
    Your card is so amazing!
    Love this fabulous design and your paper and detail are gorgeous!
    Loving those cupcakes!
    kim x

  3. my2angels Says:

    What a fantastic card, lots of little bits to look at and the detail …
    No wonder your DD loved it
    Tracy ๐Ÿ™‚

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