Surviving Christmas and beyond….

Well what can I say…. “Yippeee Ki-yay… we SURVIVED Christmas” miraculously it was a fabulous day with no family biffs, only one 5 yo dd who turned into the “present pig monster” within minutes of opening her first present…. which continued on for a few hours, getting progressively worse, until she became “angry….like Incredible Hulk Angry…only not green” lol….she ended up with Mummy’s hand around her angry lil butt and daddy’s foot followed it soon after. Boy oh boy, don’t know where they pick this rot up from, but anyway… I said….WE SURVIVED CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Now….. onto the good stuff……I got my CRICUT and controlled myself immensely and had only a quick play with the George Cartridge and one word in the afternoon, then I had to pack it up as we were so buggered on xmas day, then Boxing Day, crickie was all alone as we had to go to my Sister’s place, catch up with my rellies, always fun, another good day was had by all….Big mumma even got into the pool this year woohoooo look out Summer 🙂

Anyway, Saturday…, I hooked the Cricut up to the Computer and opened up SCAL and OMFG, I can’t keep away from it.

Have been cutting Titles and Shapes of all sizes and imaginations….just because I CAN!!! LMAO

Anyway, today, Sunday 🙂 I did my very first ENTIRE layout without any tears, headaches, stress, agonisation Yup that’s right, complete breeze….everything and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING on this page…. well beside the photo and 4 tiny lil flowers, was done with SCAL and Cricut……holy toledo Batman, I love it…Will post a pic of it tomorrow, it’s busy drying as I couldn’t help but STICKLE the entire ruddy thing could I? lol Nevermind, give us all something to look forward to tomorrow then eh! hahaha Night all 🙂

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