5 Sleeps to go……

Well, what can I say, kinda self explanatory that one! That jolly fat man is soon to be here, the kids are fairly near bouncing off the walls, sugar is exploding all around the house, in every imaginable colour, candy canes, sweets, fudge, OMG and we wonder why we put on weight over Christmas.

Well I’ve spent an evening getting to know my SCAL a bit better, have a tad bit of shopping to do over the weekend as to date, we haven’t bought a single chrissy gift OMG.

Would like to be able to pop myself down here and tinker with Inkscape for a few hours or so, learn a bit there…..but we all know the realities of being able to do that when it’s almost Christmas and there are 5 very excited lil poppits running amok in the house.

Anyway, am off to start the day….OMG where has the time gone to already…it’s 9am, crikey!!

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