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Couldn’t help myself, I had to do the stockings this year!

December 30, 2008

I just couldn’t help myself, I had to take a photo of the stockings this year, normally they get spread out all over the place, this year I organised the hutch and had all 5 of them hanging from it. Turned out kinda nice actually.


It’s all about CRICUT woop woop !!

December 29, 2008

This is my first layout with my new baby bug and SCAL and Oh My what fun I have been having with them both 🙂

Bear & Flower patterns are both used with permission by Check out her site for awesome patterns, printables and cutting files OMG what fun!!!!

Not quite sure what is going on in the background of this photo, it was a wet miserable rainy day and was actually big sister Rachael’s 13th birthday so all the kids decided to play in the rain, Ellie loves to “strike a pose” when she sees the camera, so I’m guessing something to do with the blurry wet conditions???? Who knows, kinda weird but at least the pic of her is there!!!!

TFL…. take care 🙂 Kris

Surviving Christmas and beyond….

December 28, 2008

Well what can I say…. “Yippeee Ki-yay… we SURVIVED Christmas” miraculously it was a fabulous day with no family biffs, only one 5 yo dd who turned into the “present pig monster” within minutes of opening her first present…. which continued on for a few hours, getting progressively worse, until she became “angry….like Incredible Hulk Angry…only not green” lol….she ended up with Mummy’s hand around her angry lil butt and daddy’s foot followed it soon after. Boy oh boy, don’t know where they pick this rot up from, but anyway… I said….WE SURVIVED CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Now….. onto the good stuff……I got my CRICUT and controlled myself immensely and had only a quick play with the George Cartridge and one word in the afternoon, then I had to pack it up as we were so buggered on xmas day, then Boxing Day, crickie was all alone as we had to go to my Sister’s place, catch up with my rellies, always fun, another good day was had by all….Big mumma even got into the pool this year woohoooo look out Summer 🙂

Anyway, Saturday…, I hooked the Cricut up to the Computer and opened up SCAL and OMFG, I can’t keep away from it.

Have been cutting Titles and Shapes of all sizes and imaginations….just because I CAN!!! LMAO

Anyway, today, Sunday 🙂 I did my very first ENTIRE layout without any tears, headaches, stress, agonisation Yup that’s right, complete breeze….everything and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING on this page…. well beside the photo and 4 tiny lil flowers, was done with SCAL and Cricut……holy toledo Batman, I love it…Will post a pic of it tomorrow, it’s busy drying as I couldn’t help but STICKLE the entire ruddy thing could I? lol Nevermind, give us all something to look forward to tomorrow then eh! hahaha Night all 🙂

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas 2008

December 23, 2008

Well here it is, the kids Christmas Photo for 2008, not outstanding that’s for sure, but hey, no tears either, so that’s gotta be a good thing…. can’t wait to scrapbook this one.

Merry Christmas to all my scrappy friends 🙂

Santa Photo day….

December 21, 2008

OMG mission finally accomplished 🙂 Only had to drag 5 of them through the overcrowded shopping centre, purchase new footwear for 2 of them, then convince Amy that Santa wasn’t going to eat her up or something, done, done and done. Out of 3 shots, we should hopefully have one that looks somewhat civilised Yay.

Look who came to see us recently….

December 20, 2008

Well, look who came to see us recently. Miss Amy was terrified and wouldn’t leave Daddy’s arms but she was still interested in this mysterious jolly ole man! The kids love seeing Santa come around the streets every year and they chase him for half a mile I’m sure. Poor Santa 🙂

Anyhoooo, we are off to the Shopping Centre today (at least we are when they all drag themselves out off bed) to see Santa himself and get the annual Christmas Photo, love seeing how the kids have grown since last years photo.

December 20, 2008

This is the layout I recently completed at Ngaire Bartlam’s first online class. First time I’ve ever had the chance to do a course/class of any kind.

I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and look forward to participating some more in classes or at least some online classes, maybe I might be venturing into the LSS next year and participate in some classes as I will only have 1 littlie at home with the others in school woohoooo.

TFL, take care, Cheers Kris 🙂

5 Sleeps to go……

December 19, 2008

Well, what can I say, kinda self explanatory that one! That jolly fat man is soon to be here, the kids are fairly near bouncing off the walls, sugar is exploding all around the house, in every imaginable colour, candy canes, sweets, fudge, OMG and we wonder why we put on weight over Christmas.

Well I’ve spent an evening getting to know my SCAL a bit better, have a tad bit of shopping to do over the weekend as to date, we haven’t bought a single chrissy gift OMG.

Would like to be able to pop myself down here and tinker with Inkscape for a few hours or so, learn a bit there…..but we all know the realities of being able to do that when it’s almost Christmas and there are 5 very excited lil poppits running amok in the house.

Anyway, am off to start the day….OMG where has the time gone to already…it’s 9am, crikey!!

December 19, 2008

A strange thing happened to me today…..

December 19, 2008

OMG Have I gone insane? I don’t believe I’ve actually gone and done it, I’ve managed to work my way through setting up my first ever blog, holy toledo batman 🙂

Well let me say, I’m sooooooooooooo very unbelievably excited about getting my new Cricut and taking a massive jump into the crafting world with it…. now if only Santa would hurry up and squeeze his big fat roly poly bottom down my non-existant chimney and deliver it to me lol

I think this year I’m actually way more excited about Santa coming than the kids are! Who knew??

I have just bought my SCAL software yesterday in anticipation of post Christmas Day scrapping marathon at home with my new Bug… so with that said…I’m on a mission to learn as much as I can about the fabulous things I can create with my new baby.

Anyway, this lil duckie has to scoot off for now and start the pre-Christmas cleanathon….OMG…sounds like work to me!

TFL…. Take care 🙂 Kris

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